"I love to learn, but I love to create from what I learned more" - Tom Malason


Hello My name is Tom Malason, and this section is a little about me. I am currently going to Pennsylvania College of Technology with my focused studies in Webpage Development and Interactive Media. I will get into my classes in the experience page on this web page. i would first like to give some general biographical information about myself.

 I grew up in a small town out 40 minutes out side of Philadelphia.I then decide to join The Army National Guard after High School trying to find a path and direction in life. Once graduated from The army National Guard and after becoming a solider I began to work in construction. I realized Shortly after that i felt i was failing my self and could better further my education by going back to school and selecting a major that i was interested in.


 Finding the web major has changed my life and I am very happy in choosing it. I am no where close to a master of the web skills but every semester as I continue my education i increase in coding and scripting knowledge and I love to do it and take on the challenge of building and designing simple yet beautiful web pages. I see this as a art and I am hooked. thank you for reading this and checking out my web site!