My Experience


Hello, again thank you for visiting my web page. So to start off I would like to go into some of the courses i took at Pennsylvania College Of Technology that involve HTML, CSS, and relate to developing and creating web pages. Underneath will be a list of what I have took in relation to Web Design.

  • Introduction to Web Page Development (Bwm 150)

  • Mastering Web Design Tools and Technologies (BWM 252)


  bellow it is a picture of one of my most current Projects for BWM 252. To visit Click the buttons!!


WordPress ProjectJoomla ProjectDrupal Project


I have some PHP scripting practice from taking BWM160 Introduction to scripting languages. I am currently enrolled to take BWM 250 Web Applications which also give me good knowledge in scripting and also using Java Script. BWM 350 Interactive Scripting, is going to further my knowledge on scripting as well. I am very excited and looking forward to Furthering  my knowledge on Interactive scripting and using JavaScript to develop and create animations in webpages. So if i don't know it at this very moment the near future I will be able to have a better understanding of scripting.

Underneath are some links so you can see some of my php pages I have created with php while also using MySql to connect and store information in databases which i can use in various ways. feel free to go ahead and add a new song in Music Centra!!!

Music CentraBasic Form


 I have some experience in photography and video editing. I have taken Digital photography class at Pennsylvania College of Technology an learned how to use a DSLR camera and properly function the Camera manually to get the photo i am looking for. Along with that i learned how to use photo shop very well. I have taken a class on video editing where we use Adobe Premiere Pro to make videos to advertise for a Company or foundation. to see a video I edited click on the button in the top right portion of the navigation bar. Also to see some of my Photography click on the gallery button bellow.